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  • Dr. Paul F. Stoetzel
    Dr. Paul F. Stoetzel
    Stoetzel's Planet Chiropractic

    Our purpose in life is to get you and your family as healthy as possible and keeping you that way - Naturally! Dr. Paul teaches the 'Truth' about what real health is and provides natural ways to not only feel good, but to HEAL and FUNCTION normally.

    He believes we shouldn't trick our bodies into feeling better, yet we should remove interference so we can live our lives exactly how we and God see fit. 'We do so by addressing simple lifestyle factors like physical stress (posture & spine), emotional stress and chemical stress (toxins, food & drugs) that burden our bodies.

    Dr. Paul cares for all ages, from 'womb to tomb' noting the most important adjustments he provides are on the newborns, as this is our most important time to be balanced during early development. However, he particularly enjoys working with athletes of all types, as Dr. Paul competed for 4 years in the NCAA wrestling, winning over 80 matches and receiving 3 times Academic All American status. He understands the importance of keeping the body balanced to be able to perform great, but also for the purpose of injury prevention.

    In the past, Dr. Paul has adjusted USA Olympic Athletes in Wrestling, Weightlifting, and Judo, however he still enjoys working with local school kids programs as well. He also has a passion for children and has had advanced training with pediatrics and specifically with children with neurological imbalances such as ADD, ADHD, Autism, Aspergers, Asthma, Allergies and more. He has trained through Defeat Autism Now and Autism Research Institute in regards to Biomedical treatments for children on the spectrum. Dr. Paul works together with his beautiful, gorgeous wife, Nurse Robyn and they look foreword to helping you and your family. Together they have 3 children & Dr. Paul loves golf - though he doesn't go enough.

  • Robyn K. Stoetzel, R.N.
    Robyn K. Stoetzel, R.N.

    My mission and purpose in life is to teach and empower others to become truly healthy. The responsibility is YOURS” Robyn Stoetzel RN, BSN, graduated from Coe College in 1995 and received a Bachelor of Science in Nursing.

    She has worked in several University Hospitals across the country as an Oncology Nurse and Risk Manager. Robyn is currently working at Planet Chiropractic in Lemont as a Bio-Nutritional and Essential Oils Consultant. She has advanced training in the current Epidemic of Neurotoxic Illnesses including Weight Loss Resistance, Autism Spectrum Disorders, Fybromyalgia, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, and Thyroid Imbalances.

    She is certified and proficient in Defeat Autism Now protocols. She utilizes advanced cutting edge technology to determine stressors in the body using bioenergetic testing with Biomeridian and Zyto applications. She is also a public speaker and advocates for Breast Cancer Action. Robyn believes inflammation is at the core of every disease process. The key is finding out what is CAUSING the inflammation.....remove it.....give the body what it is missing and watch healing take place. She has been serving patients in the Chicagoland area for 8+years.

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